Roger, Romeo

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Romeo – a little black kitten from the JSAC – has been the sun to guide us through the dark days of this pandemic. Little did we know when we adopted him that he would rescue us! But throughout the height of the lockdown, when thousands of infections and deaths were reported daily, and the world was paralyzed with fear, being with Romeo provided a safe haven for us to relax, escape the nightmare of COVID 19, and forget our troubles. Watching his cheerful antics, youthful innocence and vitality gave us the courage to face another day and the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Like so many seniors denied contact with our human family and friends, our pets remain our closest companions, giving us love, support, and a sense of purpose. Although intensified by it, this bond predates and extends far beyond the pandemic, and we encourage all to open their hearts and homes to a shelter pet.

In this time of fear and woe, we have found joy in our Romeo!
Happy anniversary Romeo – adopted on 10/27/17.

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