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Long time supporter, Barbara & her furry friend, Pumpkin are hosting a fundraiser for our Shelter. They are selling packaged organic dog biscuits. Current Flavor available: Pumpkin spice – $8.00 for a large bag, and $4 for the small. All proceeds go to Jersey Shore Animal Center. Stop by our Thrift Shop or Shelter to get these PAWsome treats in time for the holidays!

Influencers: Another opportunity to help our animals! Purchase, Wear, Share on Social Media and you are not only helping our Shelter but all Shelters as you are calling attention to the plight and needs of homeless animals! Thank you in advance for your support !

Announcing a new way for our supporters to help our pets and get them more exposure on social media. More exposure means more people see the post giving the pet a greater chance of adoption.   By sponsoring or “boosting” a Facebook post it helps to get more people to react, share, and comment on it. You may also reach new people who are likely interested in our page but don’t currently follow us.

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