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Thank you to these generous and loyal animal loving sponsors for their support and helping us host a successful event!

Every cent, every dollar helps to make a direct impact on the lives of so many animals in need.

We thank you in advance for making the Jersey Shore Animal Center the charity of your choice.

our featured cat and dog


“Doesn’t anyone want me? My 2nd birthday just passed and it was like any other day here, lonely. I promise to be a good boy for you. Once I am comfortable with you, I will give you [...]


Looking for a great adult dog? (done with the puppy nonsense) Looking for a housebroken dog? Looking for a dog that knows commands? Looking for a dog that loves fetch? Looking for a dog [...]

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Animal Intake Since 2000
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Animals Spayed & Neutered since 2008

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Please enjoy the Jersey Shore Animal Center television show “Welcome to our World” which will be updated frequently. In the past many of our loyal supporters were not able to watch the show simply because they were not in the viewing area.
You will now be able to watch our extraordinary animals that are available for adoption as well as topics that are interesting and related to shelter life.
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