Become a Foster Parent!

Fostering Saves Lives!

Jersey Shore animal Center is looking for foster homes to help us rescue and care for dogs and cats.  While fostering a pet, you will be helping us provide more space and allowing us to save more lives. Foster homes are able to help us learn about the pet so they can be adopted as quickly as possible and with the best match of a home.  Foster homes are an integral link between intake and adoptions. Fostering saves lives. It helps reduce overcrowding in shelters and opens up space for another animal to be saved. It helps prepare pets for adoption by giving them a chance to live in a home, to be cherished and loved, to work to overcome fears, recover from trauma, to become more adoptable.  Providing foster care will be the most rewarding experience. The day you say goodbye to a friend, you are sending them to their happily ever after.



PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Jersey Shore Animal Center foster application process may take several days.
Applying for a foster pet does not guarantee approval.
The Jersey Shore Animal Center Reserves the right to decline any foster application for any reason.


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