Rick to Beast :)

His first day was December 6th, 2021, and it was a lot. He seemed tired and overwhelmed from his big day coming to our house. I didn’t bother him a lot just because he was getting used to everything and adjusting to being in charge of the entire house. And after his first day, he continued to get comfortable with us. Every day was a progress day for him, and I always loved him no matter what. He is still super nosy with people and what they are doing, but that’s one of my favorite things about him. He loves to play with me whether that’s using his toys or him trying to get my feet. It’s terrifying but I feel like a kid again running around with him. He’s definitely a unique cat with his chirps, farts, and stinky poos, but I couldn’t be happier now. He loves to snuggle on the couch with me and the rest of my family. He loves to play and I can’t control my laughter whenever I play with him, but I feel alive whenever I play with him. I can’t wait for his new start to a great life in the Billy household. Now, he loves snuggles, playing, sleeping on the big couch, drinking water from the sink, and being where everyone is. He was known as being untouchable to a lovable cat and I’m so happy that I will be with him furever.

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