Nikki (Bree)

Nikki (Bree) has been doing well. She is coming along with her house training. Now we are at the point that we go a couple of days with no accidents & then she’ll have a day with an accident. she has had issues with going out the door to the back yard & coming in. I had been having to carry her out & in. she had been doing really well going out on her own & most of the time coming in on her own but after the thunderstorms the other day which she is terrified of, she has regressed some but I’m sure she will get back to where she was. We have to work on leash training. She did walk half of the way from the car to the vets office on the leash but then I think she got spooked by the cars driving by & sat down & wouldn’t move. Her vet visit went well. She has a slight ear infection & is on ear drops. He feels she is doing well coming from where she did. even though she is scared she is friendly to everyone that she has met. She & Sammy have been getting along for the most part. When she gets a burst of crazy energy & wants to run around & play he stays away from her. She just doesn’t like when he comes near her when she is in her dog bed in the evening or if she is eating a treat (she growls) but otherwise they seem to be happy to each other as a companion

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