Mowgli came to his forever home on 2/3/19, & made a very quick adjustment. We bonded very quickly. I am sure that it is the result of all the loving, hands on attention & care that he received from staff @ JSAC. Bryan & Linda facilitated a smooth transition with information & some personal items that Mowgli had used during his stay there.
He is very affectionate, loving, & smart. He loves his play time with “mice”, cube, rainbow shoelace, balls & other toys. He had an excellent checkup by the vet, and his appetite is great. His diet as given at JSAC continues. He loves to speed around the house, look out the picture window, relax in a chair or on the bed, where he sleeps @ night. If he could talk, I believe he would say that life is good. He shows that in all his nonverbal behavior. Thank you for trusting me to give this wonderful boy a loving home.

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