Love my little girl

Hi, I adopted Alley June 8, 2022. Tabby who works there brought me to see this little girl Alley Home she said was such a sweetie and doesn’t mind being held which is what I was looking for. I told Allie I had another appointment at another place as well she said let’s just take Alley out of her cage so you can see her before you leave. Well that was it I fell in love with her and I think she fell in love with me. I took her home the next day she’s settling in just fine not ready to venture out through the whole house yet but the bedroom door is open for when she wants to she loves sitting on her window seat watching the birds and loves playing with toys. She’s eating real well and lets me brush her and snuggle her. Enjoy some photos. I thought I could send more photos this only allows one. I’m sorry but it’s not letting me send a picture it says my pixels are too big or something

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