Love our little Bertha

A few months ago we came in and adopted Bertha. She was the first cat that came up to me when I went into the room to meet the kittens. So i was doing this for my son. Due to the fact my father whom he was very close with passed away unexpectedly. And 5 months later due to spinal complications we had to put my German Shepherd down who was brian’s best friend. One thing brian had been asking for constantly was a kitten. So after everything he had been through how could I not look for one. So here I am putting in applications and I was approved here. Along with that came Bertha. This is the most amazing kitten. She is loving and she loves to play with frootloops on the wooden floor. She loves to play with her many toys. Loves paper bags and boxes. The best thing she has never put her claws out once. My son loves her to death as do I along with my mom and sister. She is so spoiled. Well taken care of and has free range of the entire house. She loves to sit in the bay window and watch the birds fly by. She has grown so much and gotten so long since we first brought her home. I am so glad we did this because she does nothing but bring us Joy and happiness.

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