Lila (still Lila)

It is exactly one month since Lila’s Gotcha Day! She is such a good girl. Lila’s favorite thing to do (besides eating), is going on really long walks. Her other favorite thing is snuggling after her walks; and pretty much just snuggling in general. Lila LOVES her human brother and sister SO much! She also loves her fur brother Ollie, and when they snuggle together; she sometimes holds him like a stuffed animal.
When we brought Lila home, she was very skinny (which sometimes happens to animals in a shelter setting, due to stress). We are so pleased to say that our vet is so happy with Lila’s progress and she’s currently at a very healthy weight. We are extremely grateful to JSAC for keeping Lila safe and loved until we were chosen to be her forever family. JSAC is such a wonderful place with an amazing staff!
Lila is such a blessing and the perfect addition to our family. Thank you JSAC, from the bottom of our hearts!

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