Isn’t she pretty?! This is MAGGIE!

And 8/17/23 will mark her one-year gotcha day! She was previously known as Wanda and was given so much love by everyone at JSAC. Remarkably, Maggie was at the shelter for more than one year and no one gave her a second look. Until we came along and instantly connected with her smart, pretty face (and cute tiny toes!). Her arrival has brought our home so much joy. We love her so much and we can tell she loves us too. Although she is still not a fan of being picked up, she loves to curl up on a lap for a long nap. She is so friendly, talkative and very interested in being a part of whatever we are doing. Her favorite things to do are sleeping on the window seat, startling our parakeets, watching tv (lol), playing with her little mice and listening to the family guitar jam sessions. She is 100% part of the family and makes our home complete!

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