Hayes – Wingman Chance

Once named Hayes, Wingman Chance is happy and in a loving home. He and I are as tight and as thick as thieves.
We gave each other that second chance (hence his name) we both needed back in November 2017. He filled a great void that was left by the loss of my previous dog. He never leaves my side and sleeps under my armpit every night. No need for heat, he provides heat enough for both of us. He is a very sweet, loving and affectionate little guy. Always willing to cuddle up and watch the football games with me.

I wasn’t really sure of his age. I always thought him to be 2 1/2 years old, but today I visited the shelter and they actually told me that he is 3 1/2 years old. Only dog I know that age a whole year in a day. Chance is a very active and energetic Chihuah/Whippet Mix and loves to play with the other dogs in our household (Roma and Anubis). He is an avid barker but only when he thinks he’s protecting me.

We are very happy together and I look forward to many more years of having him right back my side, as a Wingman should be!

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