Captain Jack’s happy ending as Bento

We first saw Captain Jack on your website before a big vacation and said “if he’s still there when we get back he’s ours”. The stars aligned and we came to get him as soon as we were back home. When he jumped right out of his crate and came up to us for pets, we knew he was ours. Day one he snuggled with mom in bed all day and even slept on her head that night! From then on it’s been nothing but snuggles, treats, and playtime since dad works from home and can give him loves all the time. His new name is Bento because he’s all our favorite things in one little package (pronounced ‘bent toe’ it also matches his lobster claw paw that he was born with!). He’s still learning how to play with all his new toys but he never gets tired of the laser pointer. He has a big sister Lab/corgi mix named Princess Leia who was also a rescue! They are still learning to share toys and attention but secretly get along just fine when they think no one’s looking. Bento is loving life with his new forever family, thank you JSAC!

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