Update from one of Butch’s favorite volunteers:
The main ‘man’ is Butch.  He walks up to folks who show up looking for attention. He loves being brushed and  after he meets you, is very happy with petting and scratching. He rubs up against you when he sees you and shows his desire for some attention. While he may not be a ‘lap cat’ at first he may very well become one in a steady home.  Like any cat, he will give you ‘a look’ or put his ears back when done with attention.  As an older, this guy is great for someone ready to play then sit and relax right with you.
Butch is a handsome 7-year old boy who was transferred to us from a Rescue group that was disbanding.  At the rescue he lived in a free roaming cat room, but we’ve noticed that he likes to be the center of attention and tends to a little bossy with any other cat who he sees as competition.  So we’ve moved him into his own ‘cat condo’ and we think he likes having his own space.  Butch is social and people friendly, he greets anyone who visits with a full body rub – it’s his way of saying hello.  He loves to be brushed, soft bristles only please, and he will stretch out on the floor to make the task easier for you.  His thank you is a strong purr and a head butt.  Butch startles easily, we’re not sure why, but we hope in time that will lessen and he will become comfortable enough so he won’t fear sudden noises or movements.  We think Butch will do best in a calm, quiet home with a cat experienced owner, but no children.
Butch has stomatitis (auto-immune), which is currently under control.  If a flare-up occurs, a veterinarian can prescribe an antibiotic and a steroid.
Butch is part of our half-price adoption fee program and that makes him the best deal around!  Please come in to meet this special boy who is waiting so patiently for his forever home.
Pets for Patriots Eligible! https://petsforpatriots.org/
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