Adopted June 2015

Hey Jersey Shore Animal Center It has been almost been two months since I got adopted and I’m loving my new home and family. They have this one room with a large bed in it for me. I spend most of my afternoon lying in this bed; however my mom and dad get into it at night. My two brothers love playing with me, the older one is a teenager who sleeps all morning. So I’m able to jump in his bed every morning and lick his face until he gets up to take me for a walk or play ball in the back yard. My younger brother loves sitting on the couch with me watching Dog & a Blog and he gives me these great dog snacks. My dad takes me for a car almost every day and I love sticking my head out his window. They even stop crating me because I haven’t made a mess on the floor or got into any kind of trouble. Can you let Brook, Brownie, Duke, Shadow and that hot looking Gemma know that I miss them and I will continue to write. Love Bandito

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