Summer Heat!

As we all know there are many dangers of the summer heat and pets. Below are some example of things to avoid during the summer while you are out with your 4 legged friend.

  1. NEVER lock/keep any pet in a car when unattended! Temps usually rise well above 100 degrees within minutes and is deadly to pets with or without windows open.
  2. Avoid walking on black top on really hot, sunny days, these surfaces can easily burn the pads on your pet’s feet, instead try walking on grass or in the shade if you must walk.
  3. Keep a look out for signs of Heat Stroke, which can instantly become a medical emergency! Some signs are dizziness or disorientation, panting, dark red/dry gums and many more, read here for more information and what to look out for.  If you notice any of these signs move your pet to a shady area immediately and call your vet right away, try to cool down with room temperature water soaked rags/towels and allow air to circulate with a fan. (Courtesy of RBVH).

Make sure your pet has access to cold water and shade at all times (not a dog house, as this can make things worse as it doesn’t provide ample air flow)  and try to avoid/limit exercise on hot days but instead try going out in the early morning or evenings. You can also provide your pet with a yummy frozen treat to help keep them cool.


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