So Happy!!!

I adopted Dot (Now Mittens) and Ditto (Now Oreo) on Friday the 13th (Nov 2020). They have brought such joy to my home and love to my heart!! Little Oreo is such a cuddle bug! And he will run to me, whenever I go in the room, no matter what he is doing, even if he is in the litter box, going potty!! He just loves to give me kisses!!
Little sweet Mittens, is still afraid!! However, she no longer runs away to hide, when I come in the room and she has started to eat treats from my had, as well as spread herself out, in the middle of the floor, to sleep!!! I can pet her, but only for a short time. She still doesn’t not want to be picked-up. We are working together, to help her not feel so afraid!!
They LOVE sitting on my piano, and looking out the window!! And they love looking out the window from the Cat Tree!! They are playing together and cuddle when they sleep, in the big chair, in their room.
As soon as Mittens is not so afraid, I will open the door to their room, so they can decide when to come out and explore the rest of the house.
Love them soo much!!! Thank you!! Best thing I ever did was adopt them both!!!!!
Mittens is sitting on the chair and Oreo is playing on the floor

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