Romeo (Roger)

The path of true love never did run smooth, or so we are told. We first sighted our Romeo on pet finder, and fell in love with his adorable face and luxurious black coat. However, when we met with him we were advised that his social skills were “under construction”, that he bit frequently, and could not be adopted until after Halloween. Disappointed we returned home, but agreed to meet with Tabitha, who was his primary care giver at the center. Meeting Romeo a second time, we decided to take a chance and adopted him on 10/27/17.
Although shy at first, Romeo soon acclimated to his new home and family. Our older cats immediately adopted him, took him under their wing, and taught him all of the social skills he will ever need. Romeo has become a Lover not a Fighter, and his biting days are far behind him! He is the sweetest, most affectionate kitten imaginable, sleeps on my pillow, and lifts his little face to be kissed!
This Romeo has a very happy ending, and truly a joy to his family!

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