Qui & Quintella

Qui and Quintella came to us in November 2016, after being trapped when a local resident had a litter of kittens born in her garage. They were about 5 to 6 months old at the time and they have been with us since. About a year and half old now, both girls were super shy when they first came in, Qui has warmed up nicely and just loves to be petted, while Quintella is still quite timid with people. Qui will let you hold her on your lap for a bit and we think that once she trusts you, she’ll turn into quite the little lap cat. With her soft brown tabby fur and her super-alert eyes, she is a real looker, that’s for sure! She’s also quite a player, and particularly enjoys chasing the mouse on a wire toy.

You can see that Quintella wants to trust you when she looks at you with those big, beautiful eyes, but she’s still not sure, so she’ll need a bit of TLC to help her come out of her shell. In the meantime, she’s very capable of amusing herself with a toy mouse, and will leap in the air and play with you when you move a string toy in her general direction. She loves playing in her kitty tunnel, where she feels safe.

These two sister must be adopted together as they are extremely bonded and one will not do well without the other, so please have it in your heart to take both of these beautiful girls home!

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