We adopted Tully (previously Penny) and couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our family. We are very experienced with Westie health issues and know we could get her back to feeling and looking good. Tully came to JSAC from your partner rescue in TN. She was found wondering the streets malnourished with a double ear infection and a terrible skin yeast infection. We live in Charleston, SC and could not get to any airport surrounding the Jersey Shore b/c of COVID but Natalie had a wonderful idea! She went above and beyond to get this little girl to us. Tully was flown to Charleston, privately, by a volunteer from JSAC on May 11, 2020. Currently, she goes to the vet every 30 days for modifications to her medications. We are still fighting her double ear infection and she is still on defungal mediation as well as antibiotics. But five months of love, a proper diet and treatment has done wonders! She loves boating, chasing squirrels and bossing her fur-siblings (Westie and Scottie) around. She is all mighty weighing in at 16lbs and has earned the nickname, “Scrappy.” She is loving life and is continuing to heal down south.

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