Have you ever seen such a cool looking dog??!! Meet Mince…our newest resident here at JSAC. He is about 2 1/2 years old; and pulled from an overcrowded TN shelter. He is currently 45 lbs. We have no idea for sure what breed he is. Some sort of a Shepherd mix. Maybe Dutch Shepherd? Possible Greyhound or Plott Hound in him?? Feel free to put your best guess in the comments below. Whatever the breed, he is a sweetie. He is definitely a highly active boy who will benefit from basic obedience to learn some manners, and how to walk better on the leash. He is a smart boy and ready to learn! Best suited for a dog savvy owner.  Mince cannot wait to find his forever family. Can’t you picture him walking by your side?? People will be running to you asking what kind of a dog he is; a great conversation starter! And the best answer of all…..you can say he is a RESCUE DOG!

This dog is part of our shelter outreach program where we take dogs from overcrowded shelters in hopes of finding them a forever home here! We generally do not have much background info on them and cannot guarantee they are housebroken.  They are all up to date on vaccines, spayed/neutered and microchipped.

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  • Thomas Rose

    Mince is stunning dog. We saw him at the shelter and I was floored at how incredible his coat was, and his eyes are pretty awesome. He was very friendly too. His body shape is very interesting as well.

  • Nancy Obershaw

    Beautiful baby! Too bad you don’t do out of State adoptions. Mince would have loved our fenced yard.
    Good luck. He’s gorgeous.

    • jaime

      Thank you for your kind words! Mince was adopted and is now in his forever home. We are also changing our out of state adoption policy on a case by case basis.

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