Lima – Adopted

9-26-18:  This handsome ebony fellow has been with us for about a year now … we can’t believe that he’s been overlooked for so long.  He’s young, gorgeous, and friendly to people as well as other cats.

When Lima first came to us, he was a wildly playful youngster whose ‘hands-on’ approach to play was a little rough for some cats, so he lived in one of our caged rooms where he came out to play with his buddy Apricot, who has since been adopted.  As Lima grew, he also matured and now he’s learned to play with a little less gusto.  That allowed him to be moved into our free-roaming cat room, where he enjoys the company of other feline residents.  Lima is thriving in that setting.  He also likes to spend time with our staff and volunteers.  He’s always up for a game of ‘fetch’ with his favorite soft ball, and he’s just as happy to jump and chase a string toy around.  Lima will make a great playmate for kids or another friendly active cat.  We think he’ll be a welcome addition to any family and we invite you to come in to meet this special boy.

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