Grizzly Bear- now Doobie

“Grizzly Bear” gave us his undivided attention during the meet and greet. Since coming home that hasn’t changed! First sight of movement in the morning he jumps in our bed for snuggles, biscuit making while his v8 motor rumbles. Plays “fetch” with his favorite fish toy before soaking in the sun for a nap. Not a troublemaker or rambunctious. But like clockwork around 9PM he’s doing high speed laps and jumping over his sister until she joins in! If I could upload a video of him initiating a playful chase with his canine sister, I would because it’s too cute. By 10:30 he’s snuggling and biscuit making again before he climbs into his own bed. We couldn’t be happier to have such a handsome, sweetheart in our lives. He’s growing, thriving and still super mellow. Thanks JSAC for helping us find this little guy!

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