“Checkpoint Charlie Brown”

“Charlie” Adopted 5/20/18. Anyone who’s ever owned a Lab knows they are great dogs but the first 2 years are challenging to say the least. Charlie is my 4th Lab, but my first adult rescue. When Charlie arrived, he came with numerous bad habits. In the past 2 weeks there has been some destruction but there has also been some progress. Charlie is walking nice on a leash, he is sitting and waiting for his meals and most importantly, he is crating up without a fight. He’s tried to play rough with his older brother, but has quickly learned that we don’t rough house. We are currently working on being gentle ( with food, people and other dogs). He is a smart dog who is anxious to please. It is unfortunate that Charlie’s first family didn’t work out, but I am grateful that they cared enough about him to surrender him and give him a second chance at being a good canine citizen.

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