Casper’s new home

I adopted Casper on 12/17/20. I am keeping his name, I always loved the Casper cartoons! I previously had 2 cats, a mother and daughter. The daughter went over the rainbow bridge mid-November. I could tell the mother missed her daughter and needed a buddy, I selected Casper because he was good with other cats, was 6 years old and seemed very mellow. Since my cat (Noel) is approx. 15-16 years old (she was a pregnant stray that a friend took in so I don’t know her exact age), she did not need a kitten making her crazy. I kept Casper separate from Noel for 8 days and then introduced them. It has only been a few days so they are not buddies yet but they are getting along so I am confident that they will be buddies soon.

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