Cali aka Beatrice

Over a year ago I brought some things in to donate to the animal shelter. I’ve done it for years. What they don’t use for the animals they sell and use the money to care for the animals. Either way a win/win.

As I passed the window, the kitten they had named Beatrice Butthead, was sitting there just looking out towards me.

She sat like a queen, with her magnificent tail wrapped around the front of her.
I immediately fell in love♡

I spoke with the staff and after my application was approved, she was mine!!!

3 years prior, Milo was my first feral rescue. He was bottle fed as his mom couldn’t be found. His 5 siblings were all rescued the same day from where I worked. He’s become a calm, lap sitting cat.

Two years latter I was adopted by another feral rescue, Gidget, an all black, scary looking kitty that I chose out of the litter because she was ‘strange’ looking. Really! I felt each of the others were soooo pretty they’d find it easy to be adopted.

Gidget has an awesome personality. She’s feisty and curious and loves to run and chase. Multiple times a day she will come by my feet so I can lift her to my chest and just hug her. She’ll stay anywhere from one minute to 10.

Just a few weeks later was when I saw Beatrice. She came home and was re-named Cali.

Cali and Gidget are about the same age and quickly became sisters.

Milo the more mature, man of the house, does play and chase his sisters.

All three pictured are the greatest joy in my everyday. Each their own personality. Each their own beauty. Each their own comic…they ALWAYS make me laugh.

Yep, I have to vacuum a bit extra, but no scratching furniture. No counter sitting…although Gidget loves to unscrew the drains in the sinks and tubs…I’ve watched her hahaha… she’s amazing!

Thank you, Jersey Shore Animal Center, for allowing Cali to adopt Milo, Gidget, and me!!!

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