Have a Save and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

       With Labor Day weekend upon us, the staff and animals at the Jersey Shore Animal Center want to warn you of all the dangers your pets can face while you are preparing for back to school! While this can be a very excited time for the kids to get all new stuff, it can also be a choking hazard for Mr. Fuzzy. Pets are curious by nature and can easily get into trouble pretty quickly, especially now that there are erasers that smell like bubble gum and markers that smell like grapes, along with many other small objects that can easily be swallowed and either get lodged in their throat or get stuck in their digestive track creating a foreign body that could lead to surgery costing $1,000’s of dollars. It’s suggested to make sure that all pets are removed from the area before dumping out the backpack and to keep an inventory of what you have so you know nothing goes missing. Below are some of the most common back to school supplies that pets have found delicious.

10. Paperclips

9. Pens — watch out for caps

8. Pencils — even small splinters can get lodged in the mouth and esophagus

7. Markers

6. Crayons

5. Bouncy balls

4. Action figures or small dolls

3. Coins

2. Glue sticks or bottled glue

1. Erasers

ALSO be sure to give as much attention as possible when you are not in the middle of homework. Your pet doesn’t like this season of going back to school because of all the alone time he or she will now have to deal with during the day, for the past 2-3 months s/he was in doggy or kitty heaven with belly rubs, scratches behind the ears, running in the back yard chasing that tennis ball or going to the beach with his humans, so be sure to give lots of hugs and kisses when you get home from work or school everyday, they certainly missed you!

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