This is Nena, one of our new residents.  She was surrendered by her owners.  Sadly, this poor girl was not treated well at all and it shows physically and emotionally.  She definitely needs to [...]


Emmett – ADOPTED

Emmett’s owner was a veteran and sadly passed away, that’s how this guy ended up here at the shelter. He is 7 years old and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. He’s a [...]


Ginger (Libby)

Adopted September 2015 Taking only 3 days to become completely comfortable in her new home, Ginger has already brought a new sense of joy, fun and love into her new forever home.



Adopted October 2002 We moved to Florida in early 2004 and Daisy is still thriving and enjoys her life in Cape Coral. She will be 14 in early 2016. Daisy is the social butterfly of the [...]


Nala (Angelica)

Adopted August 2015 Nala has been such a blessing in our lives! She is more like a dog; playing fetch, greeting us at the door, and following us around everywhere we go! We could not have [...]

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